As the season winds down, Mets fans eagerly await the anticipated moves the team will make to try and right the ship. Some players have started lobbying for a Dan Warthen sequel but there has been no such outcry for Jerry Manuel or Howard Johnson. Debates regarding whether or not to keep the youth or trade pieces away rage on, too.

Guess what? It doesn’t matter. Nothing will change unless a fundamental revision in how the team operates takes place. Regardless of who occupies the GM or manager’s office, until Jeff Wilpon decides to step back and let real baseball people run the team, the Mets are destined for the annual ritual of under performance.

If Wilpon continues his active role in the operations of the team, fans can look forward to more Mensa worthy moves, similar to that of bringing in Kaz Matsui to play shortstop and moving Jose Reyes to second base.

As much as I would love it, the chances of seeing the Wilpons sell the team are slim. If not, all future GM’s will be people with no backbone content on taking the Wilpon’s money and nothing else. All I ask is the Mets be honest with the fans. Maybe when Jeff sends his annual offseason apology letter to the fans, he can outline how the team will operate differently.

Albert Einstein defined insanity as, “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” He also said, “the difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits.”


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