The 2010 season seems like a short summary of recent Mets’ history.  There have been many ups and downs, and we have only just reached the quarter mark of the season. 

The season started off with yet another Opening Day Mets’ win.  Since Opening Day there has been red hot winning streaks and ice cold losing streaks for the Mets. 

Mixed in is a 20 inning game that Mets wound up winning and most recently a dreadful four game series against the Marlins, in which we got swept.

Questions are rising again for this Mets team.  Pitching is the main key to success for this team and it hasn’t recently been doing well. 

One of the reasons why the Mets had such a great April was because of their fantastic pitching.  So far, May has been a totally different story. 

The Mets’ manager, Jerry Manuel has also made his way back to the hot seat.  This team has many problems, but they can still be a good team.  Maybe even great.

The Mets have so much talent, but it hasn’t translated into great results over the past three years.  There always seems to be holding the Mets back.  As I mentioned earlier, this year their problem is the pitching.

The team can hit for sure.  We have a very strong lineup that will get even better when, Carlos Beltran.  Our bullpen has also been pretty good. 

The team’s character has also shown a lot of improvement.  This is a good mix in the clubhouse, and although they aren’t winning a significant amount of games, you can see that this team has fight in them.

I hate to bring 2009 up, but in 2009 when the Mets found themselves losing they would just flop over and die.  One run felt like three runs, but not this year.  We have already seen the Mets make some great comebacks this season, some resulting in wins and some resulting in losses.

But the most important thing is that the New York Mets are showing fight.  Sooner or later that fight will have to translate into a few important wins. 

The pitching rotation is undergoing some changes, and that may be a good thing.  Hisanori Takahashi is scheduled to make a start against the Yankees this weekend in replacement of Jone Niese. 

Niese suffered a mild hamstring injury in his last start, and the Mets are still evaluating him.  R.A. Dickey will also be a new face in the starting rotation.

Oliver Perez recently lost his job in the starting rotation so the Mets are going to give knuckleballer, R.A. Dickey the nod. 

I’m not expecting huge things from those two guys, but if they can go out there and give us quality starts, I definitely think that the Mets will have a great chance to win.

A crucial part of the season is approaching.  The New York Yankees and Philadelphia Phillies are making their way over to Citi Field for three games each.  Those will both be very tough series, but great tests for the Mets.

I honestly think that they will rise to the occasion and will have a shot to win both of those series.  If they can, or just void getting swept, then we should still be in good shape.

I’m waiting for this team to go on another tear, and now would be a great time.  I certainly won’t be surprised they get red hot again.  Just keep rooting for the Mets and this team won’t disappoint.  They’ve got the talent, it’s only a matter of time until they make us Mets fans real happy again.

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