Four years ago, the Mets went on a magical summer run in which they beat up on every team in baseball en route to winning the NL East and being the best National League team. 

In 2006 the Mets ended up losing in the NLCS to the eventual champion Cardinals, and since then, everything has been downhill.

There were the 2007 and 2008 final game heart breakers. Then there was last year’s disaster season.

But things are different in 2010. This year’s team is slowly beginning to remind me of the happy-go-lucky Met team of 2006.

There may not be superstars at every position like in years past. But there is chemistry, and that seems to be just as important for these Mets.

Gone are Carlos Delgado, Carlos Beltran (for now), Pedro Martinez, and Billy Wagner. In are Ike Davis, Jason Bay, Angel Pagan, and Mike Pelfrey.

Mainstay Jose Reyes is starting to get his groove back, as the Mets have won four straight and are creeping up on the equally surprising Braves for first place in the NL East.

These Mets were not supposed to be good this year. They haven’t been great, but despite the many ups and downs thus far, they have been solid.

Ike Davis has been fantastic. Jason Bay is starting to adjust to the city lights. Mike Pelfrey has been Cy Young-esque, and Angel Pagan has infused the team with his energy.

You can tell this team enjoys playing with one another, unlike seasons past when everyone seemed miserable.

I truly believe that the Mets are contenders this season. Sure, Jeff Francoeur may swing and miss a lot, but for everyone of those, he throws someone out at the plate.

And yeah, K-Rod may blow some saves, but for each of those, he will rescue the team in the eighth inning on another night.

But we know that this team is subject to disaster. They have already gone through many mini-slumps this season. 

But if they can uphold their winning streaks and consistently win or sweep series, then they will be in good shape.

And one thing is for sure—they’re having fun. Just ask Ike Davis, who got a nice pie in the face after his walk-off, extra inning home run against the Padres last night, the Mets’ fourth straight win.

Thanks for the pie, Angel Pagan.

Because these are the Mets we like.


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