There is no doubt the Royals have better expectations of themselves every single season from their previous year.

It seems the Royals will have a break out year soon.

The Kansas City Royals struck gold when they called Billy Butler up, a .300 hitter with 20HR power, but it is Third Baseman Alex Gordon that is the key for the Royals’ future.

Alex Gordon was considered to have “very big” potential when he came up, and the fans in Kansas City had high hopes for him.

This year is his fourth year in Major League Baseball but he is yet to hit above .260.

His highs are: 

HR: 16 (2008)

RBIs: 60 (2007)

SBs: 14 (2007)

Average: .260 (2008)


In 2009, he was injured.

No one knows what we can expect from Gordon, who is still only 26-years-old, but if the Royals want to have a shot at the playoffs, he has to step up.

Gordon has the ability to be a 20-20 guy. He hit 16HRs in 543 at-bats and stole 14 bases that same year. Someone needs to get this guy 600 at-bats if possible.

Alex Gordon is the key for the future of this franchise.

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