The Mets are red hot.  

They are a different team, with new players that believe in themselves and each other, and this chemistry makes them a very tough club to beat.  

How will Carlos Beltran’s return effect this new Mets team?

First, how long do you think it will take Beltran to get back into form, and will he be able to hit Major League pitching for average and power?  I think it could be over a month away for him to return as a starter.  

Think about how long it took Jose Reyes to get his timing back.

Then, how do you think Beltran’s rehabilitation period in center field will affect this thriving Mets ball club?  Unless you think he’ll somehow be able to get hot right away, it’s a negative for the team.

As well, how will Beltran’s return affect the chemistry of the club?  You have to hope and believe that Pagan will take the majority of Francouer’s starts when Beltran returns to center.  Pagan’s production is simply too valuable to lose.  It would crush this team.

But what will the impact be of losing Francouer?  

Isn’t Jeff the guy on this team who’s carried the club through the tough times in terms of morale?  How do the players feel about him as a teammate?  What will the impact be of seeing him sit on the bench and lose his place on the team?  Fernando Tatis has said not being part of the action this year has been the hardest moment in his career.

I have no idea what’s going to happen and I’m really interested in what your opinions are, but I can say this: The Mets lineup, as it stands now, rocks the house.  They haven’t played with this much confidence in their ability to win as a team in… I don’t even know how long.

I ask you.  How does this Mets club compare to the 2006-2008 teams?  

This current lineup strings hits up and down the ladder.  They’re playing with passion and confidence.  Success is spread out through out this team, and you get the impression that they are having an all out blast, and love the club they play for.

The question remains:  How long will it take Beltran to return to form?  And how will his return affect this winning baseball team?

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