Tonight the Giants will play the Padres and now they will have Jose Guillen. He was traded from Kansas City today for a player to be named later and cash.

Guillen was designated for assignment by the Royals recently and he is having a great season. 

He is hitting .255 with 16 Home Runs and 62 RBI this season.

He will join a great lineup with the Giants who hope to catch the Padres out west.

This is the lineup I think will be out there for the Giants who are second in runs scored in the NL…

1: CF Andres Torres  .247 AVG

2: 2B Freddy Sanchez .261 AVG

3: 1B Aubrey Huff  .300 AVG

4: C Buster Posey .331 AVG

5: LF Pat Burrell .299 AVG

6: RF Jose Guillen .255 AVG

7: 3B Pablo Sandoval .272 AVG

8: SS Juan Uribe .258 AVG

That is a very good lineup right there!

As you can see Guillen will play RF and I believe that Aubrey Huff will move from RF to 1B so Guillen can play there.

Guillen will most likely only stay with the Giants for the rest of this season and will provide much-needed power for the Giants who have none of that this season.

Guillen usually hits 20 or more home runs and he is a very consistent hitter. Hopefully he will be able to hit in San Francisco. 

The Giants should hope that he will help them catch the Padres and I think that because of this move, the Giants will win the division with their great starting pitching including Tim Lincecum, Matt Cain, Barry Zito, and more.

We do not know whether Guillen will be a starter or a power bat off the bench, but I think he will start because of his great talent.

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