Ozzie this, Ozzie that, Ozzie why? Ozzie Ozzie Ozzie!! That’s exactly what you would hear from the media and non White Sox fans. Trash talking about Ozzie Guillen and somehow finding a way to put him down.

From Jay Mariotti to Phil Cuzzi to normal baseball fans, Guillen has never been a likable manager in the game of baseball.

Correct so far? Of course.

Yet there is a special group of people that enjoy being in contact with him and having him around them. This group goes by the name of the Chicago White Sox.

But Why?

Only one reason folks, he simply trusts every single one of them.

But isn’t that what every other MLB manager does? Well not necessarily, not as much as Ozzie does.

Here’s take a closer look at how Ozzie Guillen shows trust in his players.

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