The Marlins season so far has had up and downs that include losses to the Nationals and a four-game sweep of our division rival the Mets, and I can’t help and notice that a lot of success is due to good pitching, but it is also due to great progress by the rookie Gaby Sanchez.

Gaby was recognized as one of the top prospects in the Marlins farm system since 2008 when he posted amazing numbers that included a .316 BA, .404 on-base percentage, 17 HR, and 92 RBI in AA. At that time Gaby presented a excellent future and was probably pinned as the starting first baseman for the 2009 season.

Unfortunately the Marlins organization made some bad trades and acquired Emilio Bonifacio who had a good spring prior to the 2009 season and left Gaby out of the plans for that season, so they sent him down to AAA ball where he sustained injuries and had limited playing time. 

Gaby did get some time in the big leagues in 2009, and he hit a few HR but it really wasn’t that much.

At the end of the season the first base position was open after the departure of Nick Johnson and the starting position was between Gaby Sanchez and Logan Morrison, and through spring training Gaby won the position. 

So, for the first time in his career, he was going to be the starting first baseman on opening day.

So far Gaby has been a rookie success for the Marlins, not so much for his numbers posted so far, but for his maturity on the field and above average defense.

He has .275 BA, 18 RBI, and hit four HR. They aren’t off the chart numbers, but after that four-game series with the Mets that he had, they are going nowhere but up.

Gaby represents a player that plays hard and produces good at-bats, he has a nice compact swing, and he likes to make pitchers work. 

His plate discipline is possibly the Marlins best at the moment, since Chris Coghlans’ struggles, and he is always thinking what is best for the team. 

Gaby is not the best rookie out there, and probably isn’t even being considered a candidate for the Rookie of the Year. But he does deserve some credit since he has pulled together a nice stretch offensively and defensively and unlike many players he is proving to be one of the most consistent out of that Marlins lineup.

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