The season’s midway point has technically past, so that means that the trade deadline is fast approaching.  Cincinnati clings to a two-game lead over St. Louis today.

The big prize in the trade market this year is Cliff Lee.  The Reds must get in on this action.  I know Lee could leave after the season, but it will be worth it. 

Let me break it down for you.

Acquiring Cliff Lee would all but guarantee making the postseason this year ending what seems like an eternal drought.  St. Louis isn’t playing well and the rest of the division is well, to be gentle, “also-rans.” 

So Cincy makes the playoffs, then what?  How do you like your chances with Lee starting a series?  I like them quite a bit, especially with Arroyo and Cueto in the mix. 

If the Reds make the NLCS, then how does he help?  Well he can make two starts if needed, and that gives the Reds the luxury of having guys like Leake, Harang, Chapman, and even Volquez out of the ‘pen.  That sounds pretty great to me.

So what do the Reds have to do to get him? ESPN reported today that Seattle wants two blue-chip prospects and a young player.  Alonso, Fransisco, Frazier, Mesoraco, any of those guys. The young player?  Wood, Heisey, Maloney, a guy in that kind of role.

I hear you out there. Why trade all these guys when the Reds can contend in the future?  You don’t pick when you contend, injuries and other things decide that.  The Reds are contending right now, so why write off these season when it could become special?

I love Rolen, Rhodes, and Cabrera, but how many more years can those guys produce at the level they are right now?  The time is now; you have to strike when the iron is hot. 

The Reds go and get Cliff Lee, and they become the team to beat in the National League.  Who knows, maybe they could even re-sign Lee?  That would definitely make it a worthwhile deal.

I trust Walt Jocketty and the others in the front office, and they will do what’s best for this team.  Hopefully that involves Cliff Lee putting on a Cincinnati uniform.


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