Chicago Cubs team president Theo Epstein may say that the 2013 season will be considered a failure if the team doesn’t qualify for the playoffs.

“Postseason or bust” is the sort of ambition every fanbase wants to hear from its favorite team’s front office. As Epstein himself said to reporters, including the Chicago Tribune‘s Paul Sullivan, there’s no reason to bother building a team without setting that kind of goal. Every team aims to play in the postseason.

But realistically, the Cubs aren’t going to be one of the National League’s five playoff teams this season. The team might avoid 100 losses but will likely finish last in the NL Central now that the Houston Astros have moved to the American League. 

That means Epstein will probably try to deal some players away in exchange for prospects the Cubs can continue to build with.

Alfonso Soriano is someone Epstein would surely love to trade, but another team isn’t likely to take on the $36 million he’s owed over the next two years. But it’s more likely that the Cubs will trade off lesser players on the roster.

Here are five players that will probably be deemed expendable by Epstein and the Cubs as the 2013 season progresses. 

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