Interleague baseball has been the source of many good and bad feelings within the baseball community. Fans love it, fans hate it.

What interleague brings to a stadium near you is the ability to see teams you normally would not get to see (unless your team sees them in the World Series, or you travel to other ballparks a lot).

There is also the inter-city rivalries, (New York, Chicago, L.A.), and inter-state rivalries (California, Missouri, Florida) that fans will pay to see.

I, personally, do not pay much attention to interleague play because to me it is just another day and another game. Despite that, there are always some added bonuses, like good pitching match-ups and hot teams looking to stay on fire against another team in the same situation.

This weekend poses of few of the aforementioned.

(All stats courtesy of Yahoo! Sports)

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