The 2010 MLB season was quite the ride.

We had six no-hitters (well, seven technically), which ties the record set in 1969 and 1990.

There were plenty of midseason transactions that would alter the course of the rest of the season. A few small-market teams proved that sporting a payroll under $100 million doesn’t mean your team is automatically out of it.

We had brawls and 20-inning games. We saw a team come back from 10 runs to win a game.

We followed three players that had a chance for the Triple Crown all the way up to the end of August. We watched a few bench-clearing brawls.

We said goodbye to a legendary player and manager.

We watched a team go through bankruptcy, only to find themselves in the World Series a few months later. And we watched a tortured franchise finally be able to call themselves the champs.

Here are the top moments of the season that was in baseball.

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