When you think of first baseman, you think of power. From Jimmie Foxx, to Willie McCovey, to Mark McGwire, and now Albert Pujols, first baseman are asked to hit the ball really far.

I’ve done two top-10s in the last month or so—left handed pitchers and catchers. At both positions, only a few legitimate Hall of Famers, or Hall of Fame candidates, were left off. At first base, there might be ten or more. A few of the players left off this list might surprise you, as might a couple of the players who make it.

Players are ranked on their entire careers. Career totals, peak-level performance, longevity, offensive and defensive play, as well as baserunning. Players are ranked based on their entire careers, not just their careers at the position, and active players are ranked only on what they have accomplished so far.

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