Can you believe the Big 12 Conference is going to break up? I never thought I would ever see that. I mean how can Nebraska be in the Big 10 and Oklahoma and Texas be in the Pac 10?

It just doesn’t seem right.

It also doesn’t seem right that Kansas is going to end up in the Mountain West Conference. The reason nobody wants Kansas is because basketball doesn’t count as much as football. Texas is the No. 1 revenue producing college football program with about $70 million in revenues. North Carolina is the No. 1 revenue producing college basketball program with about $16 million.

There is your answer right there. The reason I bring this up is because I love college sports and it is just weird to see all of this happen.

Now back to baseball. And perhaps sticking with the Big 12/Texas theme, has anyone noticed how hot Texas Rangers’ OF Julio Borbon has been lately?

After hitting .312 with 19 SBs in 46 games, Borbon was expected to be a breakout star in 2010. However, Borbon got off to a terrible start this baseball season.

Borbon got off to a .191 start in April and there was a possibility that Borbon would be sent back to the minors. However, Rangers manager Ron Washington moved Borbon down to the ninth spot in the order and since then, Borbon has thrived.

Since being moved into the ninth spot in the order, Borbon has hit .328 to raise his average to .276. In the month of June, Borbon has been especially hot.

This month, Borbon is hitting .467 and is really helping the Rangers stretch out their already potent lineup. I would like to see Borbon walk more, however. He only has three walks the entire season. Even Yuniesky Bentancourt has walked nine times this season.

Borbon has finally found his hitting stroke and has turned things around in 2010. Now if he could only learn how to take some pitches, his turnaround will be complete.

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