How can a team being run by MLB be allowed to obtain the best pitcher on the market?

Perhaps the answer is when MLB is being run by a commissioner in Bud Selig who is an idiot.

“Everybody knows our situation. When we take on salary, we have to look at that and see if we can justify it within our budget,” team president Nolan Ryan said. “As long as we stay within our budget, we don’t really have restrictions on us to where we can’t do things.”

Even if bankruptcy court allows this, why would MLB allow a team that was so screwed up financially that they had to assume control, to take on additional salary?

“They’ve got the lead in the division and a No. 1 starter,” said an NL assistant general manager. “That’s pretty good for a team in bankruptcy.”

The Texas Rangers are getting the best pitcher in the American League and a proven Yankees-killer, plus, they’ll get two draft picks if Lee doesn’t re-sign with them, and yet the Mariners still have to pay part of his salary to help them win their division.

Now, let’s not discount the value of Justin Smoak, who can be a perennial All-Star first baseman. But aside from Smoak, the Mariners did not get much in return.

The most positive thing about this trade is that Seattle ignored the stupid axiom that you shouldn’t trade within the division.

Still, one has to wonder why a team that is so financially strapped that MLB has to take over gets to acquire the best pitcher on the market.

Maybe it pays to be insolvent.

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