Dear Dallas-Fort Worth Sports Fans,

Hey it’s us, your first place Texas Rangers.  Yes, that’s right, go check, we are in first place in the AL West. 

We have the fifth best record in the majors at 41-28.  We have won nine of our last ten games and our best player, Josh Hamilton, has found the swing that made him famous two years ago at the HR derby.

He’s batting .337 with 16 HR and 52 RBI.  All three of those stats are at least in the top four of each category in the AL.

While it’s a struggle for him to run, and we mean a real struggle, Vladimir Guerrero is hitting everything in sight and leads the team with 57 RBI.

Yes, Dallas sports fans, we are legit contenders in the MLB this year.

Yet nobody seems to care.

You fans are more concerned with Dez Bryant’s hamstring and Tony Romo’s handicap than our pennant-contending baseball team.

Our best pitcher, Colby Lewis, played two years in Japan prior to this season and is leading the team in wins (7) and ERA (3.07).

Our number two, CJ Wilson, has converted from the bullpen and also has a respectable ERA of 3.41.

Yet you are more concerned with the fact that Roy Williams can’t catch a cold.

The last time we ever had anything near a respectable pitching rotation was…………..



Well, it was a long time ago, but you get the point.  This team is built to contend.

We are young, we hit the cover off the ball, and we have fun doing it.

Our starting outfield of Cruz, Hamilton, and Borbon all have batting averages over .325 and are under the age of 30.

Michale Young’s consistency and professionalism is almost Cal Ripken-esque as he is batting over .300 yet again.

Our 22 year old closer, Neftali Perez, throws absolute gas and leads the American League with 19 saves this year.

Yet you are more concerned with Tony Romo’s most recent squeeze (though we will admit she is really hot).

We concede that it’s been awhile since we’ve been in contention, however, this year that’s all going to change.

It’s understood that we will always be the opening act to the Cowboys’ main performance, but we are still asking for a good crowd.

After all, training camp is still a couple months away (we know you’re counting down the days), and for now we are the only game in town. 

You’ll have plenty of time in the fall and winter to worry about the Cowboys’ blitzing schemes, Tony Romo’s QB rating, and Wade Phillips’ waistline, but for now you should come out to the ballpark and check us out.

For the past month we have been the best team in baseball and have shown no signs of slowing down.

If we decide to add one more pitcher to our rotation (both Roy Oswalt and Cliff Lee are rumored to be on the market), then we will have one very scary ballclub.

If that does indeed happen, we might even be the first Dallas team in awhile to bring home a championship.

Hopefully by then you’ll notice us.


Your Texas Rangers



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