I would like to start by saying congratulations to Terry Collins for winning the New York Mets vacant managerial position. He competed against three very deserving candidates and managed to come out on top. Therefore, I say good luck over the next two years.

That’s also an interesting point. Terry Collins reportedly will only be signing a two-year deal, through the end of the 2013 season.

If I didn’t know any better, I could conclude that Sandy Alderson did this on purpose. As the Mets “rebuild” the next two years under the veteran Terry Collins, recent position snub Wally Backman should be waiting in the wings to take over a winning ball club.

Wally Backman was obviously the fan-favorite to win the job, but Alderson went with the Paul DePodesta and Fred Wilpon-backed Terry Collins, which could turn out to be very beneficial for Backman’s chances of landing the job when Collins contract expires.

While Collins worries about the present situation and bringing the Mets back to winning form, Backman will inherit an already rebuilt team, if he gets the job in 2013.

First-time manager Backman wasn’t ready to take over the position and Alderson knew it. The decision to go with Terry Collins during this stage of the Mets rebuilding process was the right move by Alderson. When Backman gets the job, he will be under less pressure to immediately preform well if the team already has a recent history of winning baseball. 

As long as Backman doesn’t leave the organization altogether and he’s already stated he wants to remain loyal to Jeff Wilpon for giving him another chance, good things could come for him.

Backman’s fiery personality and in-your-face attitude is perfect for the future of this ball club. However, before we can use a manager like that, we need to begin winning again. As Collins starts to piece back together this team, he bridges the gap to the 2013 New York Mets,when Wally Backman will be in the home dugout calling the shots.   

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