Baseball is a sport that transcends time. It is one of the few activities in America that a Civil War veteran, if he was miraculously raised from the dead, would understand.

And the uniforms have changed a bit, but are still generally recognizable. The socks and stirrups get a little longer or shorter depending on the era, and the clothes are not as baggy now since they are made out of super-duper high tech sweat absorbent space age materials now, but the overall look is the same.

Some uniforms have stood the test of time. The Dodgers, with their classic script, comes to mind. The Yankees with their pinstripes. St. Louis, with the redbirds astride the baseball bat. The Red Sox home whites.

There have been some mistakes, however. Let’s take a look at the all time worst uniforms that baseball executives have decided to impose upon the eyeballs of the viewing public.

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