Tampa Bay Rays’ LHP David Price came into Wednesday night’s game against the Boston Red Sox as a pitcher who threw his fastball 70.8 percent of the time. I guess when you average 93 mph on your fastball, you can get away with throwing that pitch a lot.

However on Wednesday night, Price took that 70 percent and threw it out the window. He wasn’t satisfied with throwing it 70 percent of the time. On Wednesday night he wanted to throw his fastball all the time—well, almost.

In his 101st pitch, 7.2 inning effort against Boston, Price threw his fastball 90 percent of the time to Red Sox hitters. That is unbelievable!

He threw 65 four-seem fastballs, 35 two-seem fastballs, seven change ups, and four curveballs. Who needs to change speeds? Not Price, that is for sure.

Price was living in the mid-90s all night and the depleted Boston lineup didn’t have much of a chance. If you watched the game, Price had the attitude all night of “Hit me if you can.”

As you can see by the chart, nibbling was not in Price’s agenda last night. It was here it is—hit it.

Price did give up eight hits, but used the strikeout to get out of any trouble he was in. Price struck out 10 last night.

He is now 12-4 with a 2.42 ERA and has moved into the category of one of the elite pitchers in the game. Last night was just further evidence of that.

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