Carlos Zambrano couldn’t even make it to the second inning of his start against the crosstown rival White Sox before throwing yet another tantrum, even being sent home by manager Lou Pinella and eventually suspended indefinitely by Jim Hendry. 

Zambrano gave up four runs in the first inning, but as usual found someone else to blame.

The inning began with a Juan Pierre double just out of reach of Cubs first baseman Derrek Lee. Lee was drawn in by the chance Pierre could lay down a bunt and the bouncer down the line was clearly out of reach for the Gold Glove first baseman.

Zambrano then was able to get Omar Vizquel to pop out, so there was a man on second base with one out. Very feasible for a sane pitcher to get out of the inning.

Alex Rios then hit a ball down the third base line scoring Pierre, which Aramis Ramirez had no chance at getting. Zambrano begged to differ as he felt a guy who just came off the DL should be able to fly.

Paul Konerko hit a base hit and Carlos Quentin hit a ball that no one outside the bleachers had a chance at catching making it 4-0 White Sox after one.

Then this happened.

Lee’s lips say exactly what most people have been wanting to say to Zambrano for years. 

Yet another water cooler hurt at the hands of a five-year-old trapped in an overpaid 29-year-old’s body.

Pinella mentioned that Zambrano had words for Hendry in the tunnel. One would think he asked to be traded or something along the lines of not being able to handle the team anymore.

Either that or Zambrano felt Hendry should have caught Quentin’s home run.

The Cubs are out of options.

They’ve been patient, hoping the talent would outweigh the immaturity.

The team has tried to move him to the pen, which I’m sure he’ll use as reasoning for his current struggles, as a timeout chair to perhaps light a fire underneath him.

Forget about the bullpen, someone needs to find this immature waste of talent a playpen, so he can play with people his age.

The Cubs have to get rid of Zambrano someway, somehow. With the talent seemingly fading away, he brings nothing to the table, but someone who will throw his plate of food.

Drop him, trade him or replace him with a bag of balls because all he is right now is an expensive cry baby.

How about trading him for a new water cooler?


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