Another week is in the books following the July 31 MLB trade deadline, and the Boston Red Sox have enjoyed a little more time to evaluate some of the young talent contained within the organization.

As the news of Boston’s recent blockbuster trades begins to settle down, we can shift our focus to the next possible cast of characters that may comprise a Red Sox roster in coming years.

There is a lot to be hopeful for. The Red Sox are stacked in terms of prospects, and many figure to be integral parts of Boston’s future.

In this slideshow, we take a detailed look at the Red Sox’s 10 best prospects—a list provided by We shall evaluate how each prospect’s stock is rising, falling or staying put based on recent performances, accolades and other bits of relevant information.

Boston’s 2014 season may have been conceded, yet the future remains bright for this organization. Let’s dive a little deeper in assessing just how this franchise’s horizon looks.

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