If you are reading this article, you most likely have been looking forward to Stephen Strasburg’s debut. Well, if you can’t get to a television, you are in luck as I will provide in-depth analysis on Strasburg every time he takes the mound. Check back between innings for the latest updates.

Here goes.


1st inning

Strasburg was definitely wild throughout his first MLB inning, but his speed saved him, as his slowest non-curveball reached 96 MPH. His curveball earned him his first career strikeout though, and he has zero hits through one inning.

2nd inning

He has matured through one more inning and he is utilizing his curveball and slider more. He has shown a lot of break with his slider—one of them started on the outside of the plate and ended up behind the batter by the time it was caught. Strasburg is definitely a phenom in the making.

Strikeout count: Four

3rd inning

Strasburg is relying on his speed now and he is throwing more pitches in the strike zone. He is still keeping his speed up in the high 90s and he is getting strikeouts consistently. 

Strikeout count: Six

4th inning

Stephen Strasburg can no longer find the strike zone and is becoming a little too wild. One other problem he is facing is that when he does find the strike zone, it is consistently right down the middle. He needs to change his strategy up a bit as Pittsburgh has begun to expect his blazing fastball and they have been teeing off on him. He also surrendered his first home run in the fourth.

5th inning

Strasburg recovered from adversity in the fourth inning by having a 1-2-3 inning. He is showing the ability to rebound, which is rare in a rookie pitcher. Overall, a great performance. 

6th inning

Strasburg is definitely cementing his place as a strikeout pitcher. Through six innings he has struck out an astounding 11 batters. Stephen Strasburg is going to be not only the savior of the Nationals, but the next Nolan Ryan if his career is not cut short by injuries. Congratulations, Nationals fans. You won the grand prize.

7th inning

Strasburg is on fire! He has a total of 14 strikeouts through seven innings. He is seven strikeouts away from the record for the most strikeouts in a game. However, the Nationals pulled him in the bottom of the seventh inning.


Conclusion: Stephen Strasburg had the best possible MLB debut. He not only got 14 strikeouts but he only gave up four hits! But it had to be ruined by his being pulled right after he struck out the side.

But I agree with Jim Riggleman’s decision to pull no. 37 and I agree with them trying to protect his arm. They didn’t need him to pitch because they were already ahead by two runs. I am sure Riggleman will be getting a lot of heat because of his controversial decision, but I agree with him protecting Stephen Strasburg.

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