Here we are in late August and it is to no one’s surprise that the Washington Nationals are once again cellar dwellers with no shot at the post season.

However, unlike last year they’ve played a lot better, have gotten several big time wins against strong opponents and with the pitching of rookie phenom Stephen Strasburg and the signing of Bryce Harper there is hope that by this time next year the team will be competing for a play off spot.

With that said Strasburg’s pitching arm is once again causing him pain.  A month ago it was his shoulder that landed him on the disabled list (DL) and now his forearm may cause him to miss his schedule start on Thursday.

Instead of him missing a start or another trip to the DL the Nats should just shut him down for the rest of the season.

Sure when he pitches he packs the house, but there is way too much invested in him to blow out his arm in his rookie season.  The team isn’t playing for anything so why risk the future?

I can’t think of one plausible answer the Nats or their coaching staff could give that would warrant sending him out to the mound one more time this season.

Simply just pat him on the back and say “Nice job kid,” and that’s that.

The franchise finally has more up side than down and shouldn’t gamble that just for ticket receipts.

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