Tonight, the king will finally pitch from his throne.

Stephen Strasburg, the number one overall pick from a year ago, makes his anticipated debut tonight, in the nation’s capital of Washington, DC.

If you were under a rock for the past two months, it might not have been a bad thing.

The most hyped prospect in the history of baseball was showcased on every MLB outlet possible.

All of his starts in Triple-A were shown on television around the country, and no one came away not impressed.

His ability to throw a consistent fastball of 99-102 mph is mind-boggling. His slider that ranges up to 95 mph is deadly as well.

Because of Strasburg, the Washington Nationals are actually relevant in the D.C area.

Getting off to a surprise start on the 2010 season, many feel Strasburg can keep the Nationals in the NL East race for quite some time.

This kid is that good. Have we ever seen such a talent come up this fast to the major league level? At least not during my time.

Last night, the Nationals took slugger Bryce Harper with the first overall pick. Everything is going in the perfect direction for the Nationals, who were the laughing stock of the league since the move from Montreal.

When Strasburg makes his debut against the Pittsburgh Pirates, we will see the game live from our televisions.

This is probably the only time that a Nationals-Pirates series will get high ratings.

We will witness a sold out crowd at the stadium, and according to an article I read this morning, the nation will be filled with Strasburg jersey’s.

ESPN analyst Curt Schilling believes Strasburg is the best pitcher in the majors already, and hasn’t even made one start.

For those who haven’t been close to the situation, it’s hard to express everything in words.

Strasburg enters Washington with the city in the palm of his hand. Yes, he overtakes Washington Capitals star Alex Ovechkin as the most prized person in the capital.

For now, he takes president Barack Obama out of the spotlight.

The Stephen Strasburg era not only gives baseball a new shining star to look upon, but it also gives the Nationals hope of being relevant in baseball.

Don’t be surprised if over the next year or so more people become Washington Nationals fans.

The Nationals will pass the Baltimore Orioles, who are going through a tough stretch in their division right now.

This young ace is the beginning of something special for the organization that has taken heat for quite a few years.

I am going to sit down tonight and watch this game instead of Game 3 of the NBA Finals.

Strasburg not only changes the Washington Nationals, but changes the game of baseball for the better, as there are more people who believe that success can happen under the royal’s watch.


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