For the second year in a row, the Arizona Diamondbacks have endured a miserable season. The Diamondbacks sit in last place in the NL West, 24 games behind the first place San Diego Padres.

Due to their poor season, it’s very rare they get any love here at The Ghost of Moonlight Graham. Well today, I am going to give them some love.

Did anyone take note of the week SS Stephen Drew had last week?

Drew absolutely tore the cover off the ball last week to the tune of a .500/.517/1.179 hitting line. That’s not a misprint. Drew really had a 1.179 slugging percentage.

Out of his 14 total hits, Drew hit five doubles, four HRs, and one triple. He also scored 10 runs and drove in nine for those of you who are into those types of numbers. Drew raised his average almost 20 points last week from .259 to .274.

That is one hell of a week.

And while Drew might have had an off-the-charts week, he very quietly is having a very solid season in Arizona. He is second among all MLB shortstops with an .806 OPS and currently is leader amongst all shortstops with a 4.0 WAR.

Drew is much like his brother in that it never seems like he has a good year because he is so talented and expectations are so high that nothing will ever be good enough. But when the season comes to an end and you look at the stats, Drew is always at the top of the charts among shortstops.

Based on offensive and defensive metrics, Drew has been the most valuable shortstop in baseball. Not bad for a guy that nobody has talked about much in 2010.

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