George Steinbreners greatest impact was on the fans of the New York Yankees.

On the day that “The Boss” passed away after a massive heart attack I had the the opportunity to chat with numerous fans who came out to pay their respects at “the house that George built.” After talking to fans of the Bronx Bombers it was evident that Steinbrenner would be in their hearts and minds forever.

I asked the fans who came out to create a makeshift memorial at the corner of 161st St and Jerome Avenue to describe the legacy of “The Boss” in one word and each word used to describe the legendary Yankee owner related to success.

From “champion” to “winner” to “the greatest” it was clear that Steinbrenner had the respect of every fan for bringing 11 pennants and seven World Series titles to the Bronx.  However, Steinbrenner’s spirit and desire to win could teach all of us a lesson.

Whether you like the Yankees or not you have to respect the late great owner’s passion for success. Steinbrenner expected the Yankees to win every year, losing was not an option. It is that mentality that made it possible for him and the Yankees to achieve the success they have in the last 20 plus years.

Steinbrenner’s mentality is what we all should strive to be in life.  We should all want to be winners and do everything possible to be a winner. By the outpouring of fans that flocked to Yankees Stadium yesterday it was clear that everyone loves a winner but it was also evident that everyone remembers a winner.


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