Once again, the New York Yankees utilized inter-league play by crushing the NL teams, winning 10 of 15 games.


The stressful, yet successful trip out west was exhausting. The Yankees played with so much heart making sure to win both series against the Diamondbacks and the Dodgers.


Sunday night’s game against Joe Torre and his Dodgers felt like deja vu from last season, as the Yankees were up for a fight again.


It was the ninth inning with one out and the Yankees were down 6-2.


Initially, my heart went out to A-Rod. I wanted the Yankees to win for him and I guess his teammates did too, as the Yankees came back to win in the tenth inning, 8-6.


The win came largely thanks to Robinson Cano’s two-run homer to take the lead, but getting to extra innings was a complete team effort. Torre also helped by over-using his closer Jonathan Broxton. I guess some things never change.


Before this series, never once did A-Rod mention anything about his feelings towards Torre. A-Rod respectfully took the high road, which was completely understandable.


Well, I am not A-Rod. I am a Yankees fan, and an A-Rod fan, so here is what I have to say…


I have three words on Torre’s The Yankee Years — low-class, unprofessional, and desperate. It was awful to read and it must have hurt A-Rod more than he will ever admit.


Torre deserved to lose. Torre was someone who I thought realized that players were human beings like everyone else. When he lead the Yankees for 12 years, Torre gave off the people first, baseball players second vibe.


Torre betrayed the organization that made him famous, the fans who were heart-broken to see him leave, and the players who trusted him.


This whole time, the real fraud was actually Joe Torre.


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