It is at this stage of the year when we see which GMs have done a great job of building a team. Unfortunately, the Mets are not one of those teams that are still in World Series contention. As a result of the fourth straight October without playoff baseball in Queens, Omar Minaya is gone and the Mets are searching for a new GM.

There was a youth movement on the field for the Mets this year and this should continue with the management. The Mets should look no further than 40-year-old Josh Byrnes. The former GM of the Arizona Diamondbacks was 29 when he was first hired as an assistant GM for the Colorado Rockies in 1999. Then, in 2001, Byrnes left the Rockies to work within the same capacity for the Red Sox under Theo Epstein. From 2005 to July 2010, Byrnes was the Diamondbacks GM.

With the size of the Mets payroll, it is not about how much money they spend. It is about what players they spend it on. Byrnes is the man who will be able to make the correct decisions.  

Byrnes is known around the baseball community as a sabermetric “geek.” This is exactly what the Mets need. They need someone who can truly evaluate what players are overvalued and what players are undervalued. Byrnes most likely picked up his penchant for sabermetrics while working under Theo Epstein. Epstein even went as far as hiring famed sabermetrician Bill James to work for the Red Sox. Epstein’s deals and signings led the Red Sox to two World Series championships within five years.

Byrnes can do the same thing for the Mets. If Byrnes becomes the GM Mets fans should look forward to a few deals over the offseason and at least one big free-agent signing. Byrnes would likely be able to move Luis Castillo, Oliver Perez or John Maine.

Byrnes would also not be afraid to challenge the Wilpons to open up their checkbook for Cliff Lee.  Lee’s 7.0 WAR led all pitchers this year. This is a stat that is loved by sabermetricians like Byrnes.

Carl Crawford, another potential free agent, posted a 6.8 WAR this season, ninth highest of all position players. Crawford could be a target to take over in center field if the Mets and their new GM are able to move Carlos Beltran in a deal for someone such as Daisuke Matsuzaka.

Josh Byrnes would represent the change that is so greatly needed in New York. He would once again bring the Mets back to prominence. His sabermetric approach would push the Mets back towards the top of the new age of baseball.

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