The Mets’ hunt for a general manager is close to finishing. It’s looking more and more like Sandy Alderson will take the job. With that, we never know what will happen until he signs the contract, but we can assume.

Yesterday, ESPN New York’s Adam Rubin Tweeted that Alderson believes hiring an expensive manager is a “misallocation of resources.”

He has a solid argument, but I hope that he knows what Bobby Valentine is capable of doing.

Sandy is right that he doesn’t want to be spending a load of money on a manager. This offseason the Mets’ resources are a bit limited due to the economy. If Alderson takes the job, then I’m sure his top priorities would be to get talent on the field.

Even though managers are huge assets to a team, they are a bit overrated. There is nobody that affects the team more than the talent on the field. The players are what make the team successful or not.

The Mets will not be able to buy big free agents this offseason, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t bring in productive players. There are many guys who won’t be asking for a lot of money that can help out the team.

Guys such as Ted Lilly and Orlando Hudson should be on the Mets’ radar. Those two guys could contribute to the team, and they won’t cost a fortune. If they’re asking for the right amount of money, then the Mets should make a run for them.

With that said, I think that the Mets can pony up some money for Bobby Valentine. Bobby is one of the best managers in the game, and a return to Queens would be fantastic for him and the fans. Bobby took the 2000 Mets team to the World Series, and that team wasn’t nearly as talented as a World Series team should be.

What made the team so much better was Bobby Valentine. Valentine has great baseball knowledge and knows how to max out his players’ abilities. Any manager that can do that ranks among the best of all managers.

I believe that if Valentine is asking for a reasonable amount, the Mets should definitely make a serious run at him. They are finally given their chance to fix what they did wrong by letting Bobby go. If they make this move, they will also show us that they’re dedicated to doing anything to win.

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