Get ready, folks, for the other pink sox to drop.

Remember back in 2004 and 2007 when practically everybody not working for Everybody’s Sox Patriots Network (including many who only days ago were yet again spewing the “best team ever” Red Sox spin) were publicly broaching the issue of drug testing for Manny, his longtime roommate Papi and some of their other bloated Beantown buddies?

(Try Google Archive if your memory needs a jolt.)

Anybody who believes this clown was bending over all alone taking the juice up his back door in that lineup through those years ought to be tested themselves…for mental illness.

Sorry, Beantowners, but the Babe is the ONLY big guy you ever had who won a ring without juicing.

Oh and by the way…before you 1-7 whiners hit back with the A-Rod card, I leave you with three thoughts:

1) He didn’t juice with the Yankees;

2) It wasn’t illegal when he did it with the Rangers; and

3) when he was hit with the rumor, he manned up and fessed up, unlike the lying sacks of scuzz like Ortiz, Manny and everybody else in that Boston lineup who lied then and are still lying to this day.

Prediction: Manny’s next move is a Canseco-styled Sheen-esque tell-all whine shredding the whole scruffy happy miraculous lovable idiot Boston myth into confetti.

Remember, you read it here first.

That said, let’s play ball. The Rays won their first game without the Manny luggage, and the Sox only have to win six more to get to .500.

God is watching, and he’s keeping score.

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