The Mets were officially eliminated from playoff contention on Tuesday. However, with 10 games left in the season, fans should not stop supporting the team. I am completely aware that it is football season and there are two exciting teams in New York. The Jets, behind Rex Ryan (you either love him or hate him), are looking to improve on last season’s AFC Championship game appearance.

Meanwhile, the Giants are looking to return to the playoffs. With this, there appears to be no reason to continue following the Mets. However, as a recently displaced Mets fan, I can tell you that there are still many reasons to keep up with the team. Here’s a list of seven relevant reasons to keep rooting for the home team.

1. Following the Youth Movement

The Mets have many young and exciting players on their roster. Ike Davis, Josh Thole, Ruben Tejada, Lucas Duda, Jon Niese, and Dillon Gee are all players that fans should be excited about. While Davis and Niese have already locked up their roster spots for next season, the rest of the group will begin spring training next year fighting for jobs.

2. You Don’t Want to Be Considered a Bandwagon Fan

Yes, you supported the Mets in the past when they were terrible, but giving up on your team gives your friends (read: Yankee fans) another reason to make fun of you. The reason that we love the Mets is because of our strong attachments to them. You know you will be following all of their moves during the offseason, so don’t give up on them now.

3. Because Football is Only on Sundays

I know that the Mets are not currently an exciting team to watch but what other sports are on during weeknights? Sure you can just watch replays of the World Series of Poker all night on ESPN2, but that’s no fun. Commit to watching the Mets for at least six nights out of the week until the season is over. I completely understand watching an NFL game instead once a week.

4. The Lines at Shake Shack are the Shortest They’ve Ever Been

With less than 20,000 fans showing up at the home games now, less people are in line for concessions. Instead of wasting up to three innings in line waiting for burgers (been there, done that), you can get in line and get your food in under an inning. This is an opportunity that cannot be missed.

5. Buy Cheap Seats and Move Down

We all know that going to a ballgame is very expensive. However, with the limited number of fans showing up, there is a great solution. Buy cheap upper deck seats and move down to the lower levels around the second inning. With so many empty seats, no one will even take notice that your there.


6. Because They’re Still Your Team

You’ve stuck with the Mets before and you should do it again. What are your other options? Root for the Yankees? The Long Island Ducks? Having moved out to St. Louis and dealing with Cardinals fans has made me realize that you can’t just give up on your team because they are having a bad year. The Mets are a part of me and since you’re reading this blog I am assuming they’re a part of you too.

7. There Will Be Big Changes This Offseason

Changes are coming to both the roster and the front office. Your going to want to keep close to the team as we could begin to start hearing hints about what may occur in the near future.

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