Make no mistake, the Chicago White Sox can easily run away from this division. However, if they’re going to put down the upstart Kansas City Royals and Cleveland Indians, they must find someone who can close out the game for them. They tried out All-Star setup man Matt Thornton, and it didn’t work out so well. He has yet to record a save and has given his manager fits.

White Sox manager said in his latest press conference that he would use everybody in an attempt to figure out his closer dilemma.  Chris Sale could be an option, but he was the pitcher responsible for blowing the three-run lead against the Oakland Athletics.  He had one of those “trout him in, drag him out” type outings that day. The poor guy couldn’t get an out, hence the phrase “trout him in, drag him out.”

However, prior to one of his most disastrous outings, Chris Sale pitched 7.1 innings while striking out nine batters and only allowing three runs. He threw career-high 34 pitches the day before, so it appears that he is simply not ready for back-to-back outings and will need some rest. In the meantime, Sergio Santos should be handed the closing role.

In a Chicago bullpen that has a 6.75 ERA, Santos has not been part of the problem. In 7.2 innings, he has struck out nine batters and has only given up five hits. He has the mentality to pitch in the seventh inning, the eighth inning or, most importantly, the ninth inning.  

However, if Ozzie Guillen elects not to have just one closer immediately, then a combination of well rested Chris Sale and Sergio Santos would be an effective solution to the problem since they would both be kept fresh and Ozzie can work the matchups with Santos, who is a righty and Sale, who is a lefty.

Regardless of what the manager does, something must be done if the White Sox are to move forward.

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