Milton Bradley must have found the challenge of getting into trouble on the field too simple.

On Tuesday night, it was reported by KING5 News that Bradley had been arrested and charged with a felony in Los Angeles.

Full details aren’t yet available, but according to Mike Ferreri of KOMO News, he was in violation of penal code 422 which translates to some sort of bodily harm threat. We shouldn’t jump to conclusions, but this could be as serious as a death threat.

Bradley has posted $50,000 bond and has been released from police custody.

What does this mean for his Mariners future? Well, there was a pretty good chance that Milton would be out of the picture. Considering his history with new manager Eric Wedge, a couple bad years statistically, and his continued issues, it wouldn’t have been a surprise to see him let go.

This pretty much just gives the Mariners every reason they need to move on.

The question will surely be asked about what this means for the Mariners having to pay Bradley. The CBA is very much in favor of the player in these incidents. Unless he does significant jail time, the Mariners are most likely on the hook for all of his remaining salary.

Let the “get out of jail free” card jokes commence.

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