I truly thought it was gonna be hard for the Giants to best Monday’s performance. I was wrong….they are now tied for first in the NL Wild Card.

Players who had a multi-hit game on Tuesday:

Pablo Sandoval: 3 for 5, 1 HR, 4 RBI
Cody Ross: 2 for 5, 2 R
Andres Torres: 3 for 5, 4 RBI
Freddy Sanchez: 4 for 4, 1 HR, 4 R
Juan Uribe: 2 for 4, 1 HR, 2 RBI
Aubrey Huff: 2 for 4, 1 RBI
Honorable Mention – Buster Posey: 1 for 5, HR, 3 RBI

This Giants team is as hot as it gets. The performance by Jonathan Sanchez was dreadful: 4.1 IP, 5 ER, 3 HR; The Giants offense picked up the slack, though.

The amazing thing about this is that the Giants have done this against a contending team, Cincinatti, not against the Pirates or Cubs. This is a legitimate performance. They’ve also faced respectable starters in Volquez and Wood, the latter coming into the game with a 2.51 ERA. 

The Giants’ slumping hitters were the ones getting the hits: Pablo Sandoval, Juan Uribe, Freddy Sanchez. This is a team with so much potential, and they are finally living up to it. An occasional rough performance by Jonathan Sanchez should be expected, but now the Giants are picking up the slack. 
Some notes: 
Cincy and the Giants combined to tie an AT&T Park record for most home runs in a game (seven).

The scoring did not come in just one inning of offensive outburst: the Giants kept scoring in several innings. They had four innings in which they scored at least three runs. 

Seven of Buster Posey’s last nine games have been multi-hit games. 

Freddy Sanchez has had eight hits in his last nine games. He is absolutely on fire. He’s raised his average from .261 to .278 in the past two games. 

Welcome to the Cody Ross era: the Giants are averaging 13.5 runs per game since his arrival. He did get the scoring going by driving in the first run of Tuesday’s game.
Duane Kuiper fills in runs with red ink on his scorecard—he said his scorecard looked like it was bleeding, and well, it did. 

The Giants have scored 10-plus runs in back to back home games for the first time since 1973. 

Duane Kuiper on Andres Torres: “He just kind of does good things all the time.” So, so true. 

Uribe hit his first home run in a month. He was leading the Giants in RBI in the earlier part of the year, and he’s now not a consistent contributor. It just goes to show how deep this offense can be…that is, if everybody hits like they can.

Mike Leake was the subject of rookie of the year talks for a good part of the year. He’s been dreadful of late, though. Buster Posey continues to be a strong rookie of the year candidate. This has to be a metaphor for rookie of the year voting: Buster Posey absolutely obliterated a Mike Leake pitch, hitting it into right center field for a three-run homer.

It’s important to remember, as fun as these last two games have been, that they only count as two wins in the record book. The Giants need to continue playing good baseball as they make a run at the playoffs. 

Tomorrow: The Giants will send Bumgarner to try to get the sweep. He’s won seven of his last nine starts. The Giants will face Homer Bailey, who is not really a good pitcher—definitely worse than Travis Wood. Hopefully, they can score enough runs to support Madison. 

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