This article is going to be more of a blog post than an article since I was talking on the telephone for the first five innings of the game.

Here are some of my exact thoughts as the game took place.

Cain in trouble. Gets strong and gets out of it.

Sanchez base hit. Nice. Huff strikes out, he’s really not locked in.

[Girl continues to chatter.]

Burrell yanks one. Holy sh*$! It’s outta here! Yes!! Yes!

[fist pumps in air]

What’s she saying? Three zip. We’re gonna win this game. The series is over! Damn, what did she say again?

[“my reception cut off, I didn’t hear you.”]

Ross, double. Nice hustle! Cain right back at the pitcher. Holy sh*&! Cain RBI.

Four zip. We’re gonna win this game! Yes!!

[not paying attention for awhile]

They scored? What happened? Well at least it’s only one run.

[flash forward to seventh inning] Cain out for Lopez. Smart. Heyward won’t hit him. Strike three. Sit down!

Giants still in control.

[top of eighth]

Sergio Romo. Uh oh. Not gonna handle the pressure. This is gonna be bad!

Hit one. Here we go. Hit two. I knew it.

Wilson in for six outs? This has disaster written all over it.

Pablo! No!!

Okay, one out. Second and third. Let’s see.

Gonzalez way behind first heater. He’s dangerous. Good fastball hitter. Hurt Giants earlier this year with long bomb. Don’t challenge him, Willy.


No! Damn you, Pablo! No. Why is this happening? Last night good luck. Tonight bad luck.

The baseball gods are mad at us.

4-4. Why does this game feel over, like we lost?

Who can save us? Burrell? He’s out! Huff. He’s not locked in. Are only hope is Uribe.

[bottom of the 10th]

Edgar, the Legend. Nice! There’s hope. Torres, good work. Sanchez, sh*& is he okay? Will he be ready Sunday? No! They’re chanting, “Freddy, Freddy!” He’s up. He’s okay. Thank God.

Okay, Huffy, let’s do this. I believe in you. You can do this. Ball four? That was close, but we’ll take it!

The stage is set. It’s Buster’s playoffs. The rookie hero! He’s gonna do it!

I believe in you, Buster. You can do it. I know you can do it. Just hit anything into the outfield. Come on.

Oh no! One out! No! I’m not seeing this! Out two. Nooooooo! Mother fu*#^ Glaus!! I wanna kill that guy!!

[top of 11th]

Does Ramirez have another inning? I don’t know. Wow, nice play Edgar. One down.

Ankiel. What’s he gonna do? He hasn’t had a clutch hit off the Giants in forever. Uh oh, he’s due. He looks ready. He looks due. Don’t throw him anything close. Just walk him if you have to.

2-2. Don’t give in.


I knew it. I knew that was gonna happen.

I wonder which kayaker is gonna get the ball? I wonder if it’s worth anything?

Damn it! Damn did he smack that one good.

Ramirez wasn’t ready to go two innings with this much pressure.

Rick fu&#%ing Ankiel. I don’t think he’s had a clutch hit off the Giants ever.

The baseball gods are mad at us.

Uribe. Maybe if I don’t hope he’ll hit a home run he’ll hit a home run. I don’t know what’s gonna happen. Anything can happen. Base hit. Holy sh&#. That shot of the fans looks optimistic. Maybe we can do it.

What a comeback that would be!

[crack] Ishikawa got it! No, it’s a harmless fly. Damn, why did that look like a good crack? My eyes are playing tricks on me.

Ross. He looks defeated. One out left. These swings don’t look good.

Pop up. Damn it. We lost. Wait, maybe he’ll drop it. Nope. Three outs. Game over.

One game to one game. Two in Atlanta. Turner Field. Best home team in majors. It’s over. Hudson owns us. Lincecum on short rest? It’s over. The series is over. 3-1. Braves got it.

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