Yesterday the San Diego Padres made a deal with the Baltimore Orioles acquiring infielder Miguel Tejada for right handed pitching prospect Wynn Pelzer.

Tejada, 36, has had an average year with the last place Orioles batting .269, with seven home runs and 39 RBI’s.

Although Tejada’s numbers are not great they are better than the Padres current shortstop, Everth Cabrera, who has struggled to hit during his sophomore season.

Tejada is not only good on the field but is also good in the clubhouse and will provide some veteran leadership in the Padres clubhouse.

However Padres fans sounded less than thrilled about the acquisition of Tejada citing that his best years were behind him and this was not the type of impact move that could propel the Padres to the playoffs.

Tejada is not the superstar that he once was but we cannot forget that just a year ago he batted .313, knocked in 86 RBI’s and lead the National League in doubles.

So even though Tejada’s numbers in the American League this year might not support him being an impact player he did have quite a time hitting during inter-league play with an average of .346 and eight RBI’s in 18 games.

Yes it is a small sample size but he has proved over the last three years he has been able to hit National League pitching and why would that change now.

Padres fans this might not be the “big name” that you all wanted but it’s a move that has zero down side and makes the middle of your lineup better.

In my mind this move also allows for the pressure to be taken off of Everth Cabrera and allows him to go back down to the minor leagues and develop his hitting.

With the addition of Tejada, the Padres are better today than they were yesterday and didn’t give up anything of real value in return.

Isn’t that what you really want out of a trade Padres fans?

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