A group of San Diego graffiti artists are using their talents to honor a local legend.

Tony Gwynn played his entire 20-year career with the San Diego Padres, and he is affectionately known as “Mr. Padre.” He passed away last month at the age of 54 after a battle with cancer.

Now, the Wildstyle Technicians are putting together a mural of the late Gwynn on the wall of a boxing gym, with permission from the owner, on 16th and J streets.

Gwynn may have been a baseball player, but he influenced everyone, regardless of profession.

“The way he mastered his craft is what we try to do as graffiti artists, so when he passed, immediately in our minds we wanted to do a tribute mural,” said Justice Romero, via ABC 10 News’ Kandiss Crone.

Mr. Padre may be gone, but he will not be forgotten. The Wildstyle Technicians want to make sure that generations to come know about the Hall of Fame outfielder, even if they never saw him play. 

Saratoga Sake, who is also battling the disease, wanted to paint the mural to keep Gwynn’s legacy going strong for years to come. Sake, via Crone, spoke about the project:

He’s larger than life. Hopefully it will bring smiles to people’s faces ’cause Tony Gwynn had a huge great smile.

For the younger generation that doesn’t really know much about Tony Gwynn, hopefully they’ll ask, ‘Who is that?’

A mural is the perfect way for these artists to honor Gwynn.

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