When Ryan Hanigan went on the disabled list with a broken hand on May 29th, it wasn’t something that people in many circles discussed.  

The team was playing so well, so what was there to discuss?

I knew the moment it occurred that the pitching staff would greatly suffer.  

Hanigan is THAT good behind the plate with his handling of the pitching staff, skill in blocking errant pitches, and ability to throw out would-be base stealers.

With Hanigan behind the dish, the Reds team ERA is 3.77.  

With Ramon Hernandez, that figure jumps up to 5.25.  

I like Hernandez, as he has brought over none of the supposed attitude problems he had in Baltimore, but the numbers don’t lie.

Hanigan is also an incredibly patient hitter.  

He makes pitchers work.  

He’s not the .351 hitter that his average indicates, but he’s a high on-base-percentage guy and will make pitchers sweat it out.

Another statistic that is vastly important: the Reds with Hanigan are 30-20.  

Without him? Try 7-10.

I liken him to a Jason Kendall.  

I think Hanigan, in the right situation, can carve himself out an incredibly long career.

The Reds miss him terribly.


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