The Royals are on a warpath.

Kansas City won its eighth game in a row on Monday night, overcoming the Oakland A’s to pull into pole position in the AL Central for the first time in 10 years.

Of course, the most important product of the win was the capstone celebration: a ridiculously athletic backflip by Jarrod Dyson.

The Royals outfielder caught the game-winning catch at the top the ninth—a high shot to center—and celebrated by launching himself end over end.

There may or may not be springs and/or pistons stuffed in Dyson’s shoes. I’ve put more effort into standing up from a bean bag chair than he did flinging his entire body into the sky.

Now, on to a decidedly less fun matter: Will the A’s bite back?

Baseball’s rich tradition of petty, anti-fun laws could mean a bean ball is in Dyson’s future.

Teams adhering to arbitrary codes of conduct are why we can’t have nice things anymore. Dyson did exactly what he should’ve done—act like he hadn’t been there before, because he hasn’t, and the team hasn’t been in such a position in a decade.

Alas, if the A’s come after Dyson, they’ll probably find themselves flustered again. He looks capable of flipping over a fastball.


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