When it comes to Roy Oswalt, my thoughts basically come down to this: I don’t blame Roy Oswalt for wanting to be traded.

He’s such a great pitcher who plays for bad teams. I always feel bad for players like this. They are playing like superstars but are playing for pitiful teams like the Houston Astros.

He’s a great pitcher who has had a great start to the season. His ERA is at a respectable 2.66 but currently holds a 2-6 record. As a reward for him pitching so well this season, he absolutely deserves to be pitching for team that can give him some run support.

The Astros are definitely not a team that can help Oswalt win right now, or in the future. They’ve scored an MLB-low 133 runs this season.

It’s been recently rumored that the Dodgers are interested in acquiring Oswalt.

The Astros are not looking to trade him at the moment, but signs are pointing that he will not be playing in Houston past July 31.

It’s also interesting to note that there still is a possibility that Oswalt still has a chance to pitch in the state of Texas for the remainder of the year. I’m from northern Texas and am a Rangers fan, so this is very exciting to know that Rangers’ President Nolan Ryan has expressed interest in bringing Oswalt from Houston to Arlington.

According to ESPN.com, Oswalt has about $28 million left on a five-year, $73 million contract he signed before the 2007 season, including the $2 million buyout on his $16 million club option for 2012.

I would say that Roy Oswalt could be nice fit for the Rangers considering that they are actually winning their division right now, unlike the Astros who are dead last in the NL Central.

Oswalt told reporters recently that he does have two years left on his contract and during those final two years, he would really like to go back to the playoffs, considering he hasn’t been there since 2005.

Oswalt said that he likes Houston but doesn’t see the Astros making a push to the playoffs this season. He made a good point in a recent interview. He said that he loves Houston but if you start spring training not expecting to win the World Series every year (which seems to be the case in Houston), then there’s really no sense in playing.

If Roy Oswalt goes to a team that is currently in first or second place in their division, then I would be happy for him, no matter where he ends up. So many fans and so-called experts out there want to know if his desires to be traded are just selfish or actually reasonable.

The right answer would be very reasonable! How would you feel if you were a great baseball pitcher who plays for a terrible team? I don’t blame him for this. I’d want to leave too.

You might not agree with me about that, but just remember…
That’s how I see it…

David Carter

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