Alright, so the Phillies ace, Roy Halladay, pitched an historic game against the Reds, becoming only the second pitcher in playoff history to throw a no-hitter. But remember Reds fans, it only counts as one loss.

I’m not trying to diminish Halladay’s performance but the Reds and their fans have to keep a stiff upper lip and realize they faced a great pitcher who was having a terrific night.

Now, I know what you’re saying — how can we win a five game series when, already down one game, we have to face a guy we couldn’t even get a single hit off of in game one?

Well, consider that pitchers often struggle following no-hitters and perfect games. Just two starts after throwing a perfect game earlier this season, Halladay allowed five runs in seven innings.

Meanwhile, the White Sox‘ Mark Buehrle followed up his perfect game in 2009 by allowing 18 runs over his next 18.1 innings.

Is this a bit of a stretch? Of course it is. But then again, the Phillies had the most wins and the home field advantage and were the favorites to win this series before it ever started. So Reds fans need to look for something, anything, to give them hope.

Well, consider this. the Phillies throw Roy Oswalt in their next game against the Reds on Friday and while he’s been very good, he was hit hard by the Reds this season.

He is 0-2 in two starts, allowing 17 hits in 12 innings. Reds hitters have hit .347 against him. Even in 2009, Oswalt allowed 24 hits in his 24 innings pitched versus the Reds.

This is not to suggest that it won’t be a tough road for Cincy going forward. But look, it’s only one game, and a game the Phils were expected to win.

The fact that they got no-hit does not count for extra points. Like a bloop hit that looks like a line drive in the box score, it is only one loss. Time to regroup.

This Reds team didn’t lead the league in hitting for no reason. They are a very solid offensive club and they will rebound. Will it be enough to take the series? I don’t know but then again, no one really picked the Reds anyway.

So instead of burying their heads in the sand, let’s hope the Reds take this one game for what it is — a loss to a pitcher having a historic night and nothing more.

They still have to play the next four games after all. The series wasn’t lost tonight. Cincinnati needs to win three of the next four versus a Philly team that will be much more beatable without Halladay on the mound.

It’s a tall order, but then again, nobody picked the Reds to win the division this year either.

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