After months of speculation, Roger Clemens has been officially indicted on 15 separate counts of lying to Congress and interfering with a congressional investigation.

This new legal story has now officially provided everyone a new reason to dislike Clemens.

Clemens’ trial, which won’t begin for at least a year, is sure to cost thousands of dollars in taxpayer money to fund the federal prosecution’s exhibition in lesson teaching.

Do we really need a judge and jury to tell us that Clemens is guilty of being a liar, a cheater, and genuine sleaze ball?

If you said no, you’d be correct, but because Clemens allegedly lied to Congress, it is a big deal and he should pay some price for it. It isn’t like the politicians who make up Congress lie to the American people all the time. Oh wait, they do.

Still, the amount of time and effort the government is putting into this case is ridiculous. He is a former baseball great who was found to be a cheater like so many others of his era.

Does it really take an act of Congress or a guilty decision by a jury, or even jail time for everyone to know this, though?

We have schools across this country without adequate teachers, supplies, or facilities. We have troops coming home from combat to be ignored, disrespected, and forgotten.

We have countless people unemployed, homeless, and starving, and our government is worrying about a former baseball player.

If that isn’t bad enough, talk of Clemens’ indictment has hijacked all sports-talk radio shows and Sports Center for at least a day if not longer. That is all everyone seems to be talking about.

Just wait until the trial starts and we are all subjected to day after day of testimony, legal analysis, and commentary from baseball’s elite; all of that just to tell us what we already know.

Clemens cheated, and he lied about it. I’m not sure that putting him in jail will do anything to undo the damage he has done to baseball. His image is certainly tarnished beyond all repair. His Hall of Fame hopes are all but gone.

Jail time will do nothing but put another burden on the taxpayers who have to foot the bill for his time in prison: a time that very well may end up being a lot more cozy than what many free Americans experience on a daily basis.

So thanks Roger, you have given us just another reason to hate you, as if we needed one.

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