Be honest. Did anyone think Rod Barajas would have an impact on the Mets?

After Bengie Molina decided he could win a championship with the Giants by signing with them, the Mets scrambled to find anyone that was willing to catch.

Barajas assumed he would get a lucrative deal based on his service in the majors.

It didn’t happen that way.

Two desperate parties needed each other. That’s how the marriage between Barajas and the Mets was formed.

The Mets signed him to a one-year deal before spring training. Initially, it was not received well.

Sportswriters questioned the Mets for not being proactive in getting Molina, and the disgruntled fans expressed their displeasure about the Mets settling for a journeyman.

This cynical person expressed his doubts himself.

It’s hard to give the Mets the benefit of the doubt after several non-playoff seasons. The Mets conditioned folks to react with negativity for every move they make.

This turned out to be a good signing based on this month.

There’s no reason to think he will struggle the rest of the season. Even if his batting average turns out to be measly, he provides value to this team with his ability to call a game along with his defense.

He’s an upgrade over the stiffs the Mets assembled at catcher over the years. Watching Brian Schneider, Omir Santos, Ramon Castro and Paul LoDuca causes one to drink.

Roy Halladay paid Barajas an ultimate compliment by saying he enjoyed him as his catcher.

Of course, Barajas was not Minaya’s first choice. Minaya wanted Bengie Molina. Molina signed with the Giants because he felt he can win a championship. It’s hard not to blame him when the Giants trot out a good starter every game.

No one is complaining anymore about the catching position.

While everyone waits for Josh Thole to man the catching duties soon, Barajas has done well in his role.

It’s no secret the starters and the relievers have pitched better under the veteran’s guidance.

Mike Pelfrey benefited the most out of all the starters. Pelfrey has been known to be a headcase. Once he gets into a jam, he loses it altogether.

That hasn’t been the case so far. That’s a credit to Barajas for not only calling a good game, but getting Pelfrey to believe in himself.

He has done a decent job with Oliver Perez. Perez has been okay. Okay should be progress after two lousy years by him.

He and Jon Niese worked well together so far. Last night, Niese pitched seamlessly. The catcher did not had to go to the mound and talk to Niese at any point of the game.

Niese was good enough to allow one run and four hits in seven innings. He struck out seven Phillies.

The relievers are following the starters’ lead by throwing up zeroes on the scoreboard.

Catchers may not have value with their bats, but they certainly have value when they are behind the dish.

Good catchers make sure that their pitchers are effective. There’s a reason why A.J. Burnett and Greg Maddux are finicky when it comes to catchers.

They want catchers to help them be in a position to succeed.

It’s why Barajas will have a job every year even if he has a one-year deal with a team.

His hitting has been a bonus. The Mets did not expect much from him offensively.

They looked at him as a guy who can fill the position and work with the starters. They had to be surprised at what he has done at the plate.

He has been on base frequently, and he drives in runs.

He showed he can swing the lumber too. In last night’s game, he hit couple of home run in a blowout victory against the Phillies.

What stands out about Barajas is his leadership.

He proved he can be one without the macho talk. He lets his play exemplify his leadership role.

His work with the pitchers and his ability to step up says it all.

Last night’s performance should indicate that. A leader is about a player who rises to the occasion in a divisional game.

Barajas knows that’s where he proves his value to his teammates. He has been the game long enough to understand that.

He has been an instant hit from the day he came to spring training.

Now, Barajas should become a folk hero after what he did last night.

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