During Wednesday’s game at Coors Field, a Seattle Mariners fan went for a foul ball but instead wound up “catching” Colorado Rockies left fielder Kyle Parker.

At the top of the sixth inning, Mariners shortstop Ketel Marte hit a ball in foul territory down the left field line. The Mariners fan made sure to keep his eyes on the ball as he went for the catch.

Although that’s what any coach would want his player to do, it’s not necessarily the best thing for a fan to do. Fans have to be aware of their surroundings, and this fan was clearly oblivious.

Parker made a nice play to catch the ball and record the out. However, he also ended up crashing into the fan as a result of his great effort. 

The Mariners fan talked about the play later on:

Colorado would go on to pull out a 7-5 victory in 11 innings.


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