The New York Mets have long been without a presence of leadership and consistent confidence. You have to look back into Mets lore to find several players who exuded those attributes.

One of them is Edgardo Alfonzo. While with the Mets , he became a leader and an example. He was what is called “clutch.”

Not many players can claim that anymore, especially in Queens.

The team has been searching for quality backup players, while wasting valuable money on starters who don’t belong in the major leagues.

According to MLB, Alfonzo had recently expressed interest in playing in the MLB again and more specifically with the Mets . The team has a need on the bench and even more so, a need at second base.

That position is currently being patrolled by Luis Castillo, who is having a poor season. His batting average (.246) and on-base percentage (.340) are lower than his career averages. He does have seven stolen bases and two triples this season so far, but he is not getting on base and doing what he was paid to do, entirely.

While the emergence of Ike Davis has pushed Daniel Murphy back to the minor leagues to learn second base, there is still a void at that position. The team brought in Frank Catallanotto to be the utility infielder, but his bad bat forced the team’s hand into  cutting ties with him.

They still search for that key contributor. The rare player who can play multiple positions and hit well in a pinch.

Alex Cora has been the player that can play multiple positions, but his bat has been inconsistent. Alfonzo was a great player, who still may have something left in the tank. He has been battling numerous injuries in the past several years, and multiple teams gave up on him.

He has been playing in Japan, and has proved himself as capable of playing at the big league-level again. If the Mets are willing to pay for and take a chance on broken down players like Kelvim Escobar , why is Alfonso not worth a look?

He is at least worth the opportunity to pass his knowledge on to the younger players from the dugout. This team lacks that experienced leader. They struggle on the road because of a lack of confidence.

They need a player who will bring a quiet confidence to their clubhouse. A positive example of what it means to be a winner and what they should strive to be. Not just a locker room speaker, or a guest appearance, but a mainstay in the clubhouse and the dugout.

A constant reminder of what they ought to strive for.

He could bring just that.

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