Look at that. Sir Arthur Rhodes is either making the “V” sign (for “victory”), or trying to hump his back upward for the “W” (which would signify “win”). He is begging Reds General Manager Walt Jocketty for another arm to come out of the pen.

If the Cincinnati Reds plan a September run, they will need to trade for a relief pitcher.

Preferably an inexpensive one, who can keep the ball in the yard and will not cost the entire farm system.

The Reds’ minor league system is stacked with palatable talent.

This project concentrates on four rebuilding teams—clubs looking to trade big league players for young bucks.

Altogether there will be one pitcher from each of four teams: the Arizona Diamondbacks, Baltimore Orioles, Cleveland Indians, and the Kansas City Royals.

Let’s have a look-see.

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