The Boston Red Sox disabled list is long, but even crippled, this is a darn good ball club.

Winning the first game against the Yankees proves the Red Sox are still in the mix in the AL East.

Boston’s starting rotation is now all active and healthy, and they are ridiculously good.

Red Sox ace Josh Beckett’s being back is huge because his passion and fiery attitude demand a lot of respect. Clearly, Beckett is the leader of the staff and his absence was apparent.

In Friday night’s loss, the Yankees should have taken advantage of Red Sox starter Clay Buchholz.

It looked that way after Mark Teixeira’s blast in the first-inning, scoring Derek Jeter, but that was the extent of it. Jeter was on base all night, as the other Yankees run came from Alex Rodriquez driving in the Captain in the fifth.

Buchholz set this game’s tone, as he successfully pounded the strike zone. He didn’t let pitches get up too high after being reminded why by Tex. Buchholz allowed nine hits in total, while the Red Sox were fielding error-free behind their starter.

Considering the Red Sox’s record amount of injuries, their record of 63-47 is astonishing.

Recalling all the doubt at the start of the 2010 season in the Red Sox as a team is something no one will question again. GM Theo Epstein is so confident in the teams he puts on the field because the Red Sox are always atop the top teams list.

I can say or admit that imagining a healthy Red Sox team scares the hell out of me. Epstein is a certified GM because the initial roster was superb, but players are not super men.

The dropped ball error by Yankees catcher Francisco Cervelli did allow three unearned runs to score. The Red Sox took advantage of the Yankees’ mistakes and capitalized for the win.

Luckily, the Yankees still remain in first place, thanks to the Tampa Bay Rays losing for the second night against the Toronto Blue Jays. The Rays have now lost three in a row.

As for the Yankees, just watch this game again and observe our Captain in the bottom of the ninth, with two outs. Jeter had a 14-pitch at-bat and the fight in him should be inspiration enough.

It just proves that the outcome for the next three games will make a serious impact on both ball clubs.

Both teams know it and both will fight to win.




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