Comcast SportsNet New England reporter Jessica Moran resigned from her position Friday after questions cropped up regarding her relationship with Boston Red Sox manager John Farrell, according to the Boston Globe‘s Mark Shanahan.

“I have stepped away from Comcast SportsNet as I thought it was in my best personal and professional interest to do so,” Moran said in a text message, per Shanahan. “They have been extremely supportive during my tenure at the network—and with this decision—and I am very appreciative of that.”

Moran later clarified via text message to the Boston Globe that she had, in fact, resigned.

According to Shanahan, “There has been speculation among local and national baseball reporters about Farrell’s relationship with Moran.” Shanahan also noted the Red Sox manager is in the midst of divorce proceedings with his wife, Sue Farrell.

“I can confirm that we’re in the process of getting a divorce,” Farrell said during a phone call, according to Shanahan. “As you can understand, this is a tough time for my family.”

CSN New England had employed Moran as a Red Sox reporter since 2009, per Shanahan.

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