The 2008 First-Year Player Draft is remembered for one of two reasons: It was the year that the Giants selected their future MVP, Buster Posey (12.1 WAR); or, it was the year that the Tampa Bay (Devil) Rays drafted prep infielder Tim Beckham with the first-overall pick.

Beyond the draft’s aforementioned legacy, the first round (and supplemental first round) also produced such major leaguers as Brett Lawrie (7.6 WAR), Ike Davis (5.0 WAR), Gordon Beckham (3.5 WAR) and Wade Miley (3.4 WAR).

Here’s a few more facts about the 2008 draft class:

– Outside of the first round, the top draft picks (as determined by WAR) are Alex Avila (7.5), Craig Kimbrel (6.2), Daniel Hudson (5.5), Danny Espinosa (5.5), Vance Worley (4.4), Brandon Crawford (2.8) and Tommy Milone (2.5).

– Of the 46 players selected during the entire first round, 27 have reached the major leagues.

– The Mariners, Rays and Twins have failed to develop a big leaguer from the 2008 draft class

– Of all the pitchers in the 2008 draft class, Astros’ right-hander Jordan Lyles has the worst WAR (-1.9)

– The lowest career WAR at each position among 2008 draftees:

– Catcher: Ryan Lavarnway (Red Sox), -1.3 WAR

– First Base: Justin Smoak (Mariners), -0.6 WAR

– Second Base: Cord Phelps (Indians), -0.9 WAR

– Third Base: James Darnell (Padres), -0.6 WAR

– Shortstop: Tyler Pastornicky (Braves), -1.5 WAR

– Outfield: Eric Thames (Mariners), -1.0 WAR

To determine my ranking of each organization’s draft, I looked at the amount of minor and major league talent to come out of the class, as well as the total WAR accumulated by those players.

Here’s a retrospective look at how each team fared in the 2008 draft.

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