The Baltimore Orioles have secured their spot in the 2014 MLB playoffs as they clinched the AL East division crown last Tuesday against the Toronto Blue Jays.

While the Orioles have lost a few vital pieces, the club has embraced the “next man up” mentality. It’s not a question whether someone may be a good replacement—he needs to be.

The Orioles have also been relying on their younger players more than they have in the past.

One player of note is second baseman Jonathan Schoop, who has stayed up with the major league club all season long after an incredible performance in spring training.

It was clear that Schoop was the most major league-ready prospect in the system who fit their need in filling a hole at second base at the time.

Looking ahead to next season, it’s interesting to see who will be the next Schoop for this club and make a considerable impact with essentially no major league experience under their belt.

Here’s a look at the top major league-ready prospects for the 2015 season.

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